Karin Andersen is a multimedia artist. She is known for her research on animal alterity and theriomorphism.
Her works have been shown in exhibitions and video screenings in Italy, Germany, France, England, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, USA and Chile.

She was born in 1966 in Burghausen, Germany. After High School her fascination with italian art history took her to Bologna, where she studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, comic drawing and illustration at the Nuova Eloisa School and stop motion animation at the Cineteca Comunale.

In the first years of her artistic activity she experimented various parallel jobs in the field of comics, illustration and graphic design. Towards the end of the millennium she intensified her research on zoomorphism and hybrid identities, supporting her art practice with theoretical studies. Her collaboration with zoo-anthropologist Roberto Marchesini led to the publication of their book Animal Appeal, uno studio sul teriomorfismo in 2003. Since 2000 she has lectured about her studies and artworks in cultural institutions and universities. Her writings have been featured in magazines like Cluster or La Repubblica's D journal.

She has been selected and granted for the participation in several international events and residencies like the Europe d'Art d'Art festival (Niort, France 1990), HEART Helsinki Environmental Art project (Helsinki 1999-2000), and the Beyond the Moment contest of the Satellite Academy curatorial studies class (New York, 2003).
In 2005 she won the Valerio Riva Memorial Prize of the Republic of San Marino's Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, where a major solo show of her work was featured in 2006. In 2011 she was invited to take part in the Dozza wall painting biennial, creating a site specific artwork on the city hall.

Her experience as a videomaker started with the 2005 collaboration with artist and musician Christian Rainer: their award-winning videoclip of Rainer's song Stranger has been featured in many film festivals in Italy and abroad. In 2009 she created a series of video animations for the multimedia play Poligraf directed by Massimiliano Briarava.

Karin has been involved in various collaborative projects: in the early nineties she was a co-founder of the independent art collective C-Voltaire and the artist-run gallery Il Campo delle Fragole, in 2003 she was invited to join the Helsinki based international artists association Kuten, in 2011 she was asked to be one of the new members of the historical Munich artist group Münchener Secession. Individual collaborations include the participation as guest artist in Jan-Erik Andersson's Life on a Leaf art and architecture project (Turku, Finland 2010).

As a consequence of her interest in collective work and exhibition concepts she has curated a series of events like the touring Mind Games show about fake musical identities (2006) or the public art project Plan B (with Juha van Ingen, Bologna 2009).

Since 2003 she has conducted several workshops and seminars in digital imaging in italian professional art schools. In 2011 she was a teacher for creative drawing in a theatre workshop with female inmates of the Bologna jail.

Karin plays the piano and has always had a special interest in music. Since 2002 she has been composing small samples of electronic sound art. In 2005 she authored the sound of taiwanese photographer Daniel Lee's video animation Harvest. Further collaborations include vocal performances for sound artist Gill de la Tourette (2007) and the Auriga collective (Bologna 2012).